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Consider this.  Real estate spend is one of your company's largest fixed expenses, and lease terms and conditions can be limiting, confusing and costly.  Furthermore, you don't negotiate your company's lease terms but once every five years...and when those discussions occur, your Landlord or Property Owner becomes a greedy pit bull with a distinct advantage.  They always have a commercial real estate expert advising them on market trends, recent transactional comps, and creative ways to subtly extract the most money from you every month.  Don't let that happen!  Level the playing us and let Corporate Tenant Advisors go to work for you.‚Äč

Keys to Our Success

We do one thing...we help businesses make brilliant real estate decisions.

Let us go to work for you. We're ready to create leverage, and negotiate the most favorable terms and conditions.

We are offering you The Tenant's Edge.

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Current Market

The tenant's edge

The commercial real estate market has flat-lined. With COVID-19 forcing hybrid "work-from-home" staffing models, Landlord's are scrambling for occupancy. There has never been a better time to engage CTA and discuss your current office lease, and ways to capitalize on a "nervous market".

Corporate Tenant Advisors is an expert in commercial real estate process and strategy.  We specialize in lease renewals, business relocation, and property purchases for companies that need office and industrial space.  Selecting the right location for your business is an important decision, but selecting the right team to create and negotiate the real estate transaction is the most important decision you'll make.  You need experts who are 100% conflict-free, knowledgeable, respected, hard-working, creative and aggressive.  Corporate Tenant Advisors is all that, and much more...we are THE TENANT'S EDGE.

We are commercial real estate experts who are passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals.  YOUR success is realized time and again through our creativity, hard work, intelligence, and professionally-aggressive style.

We do one thing...We help COMPANIES make brilliant real estate decisions