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David Buyse

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We are not in the Relocation Business.  

We are in the Leverage Business.

C-T-A...the most powerful letters in Tenant Representation.

Competitive by nature, and filled with knowledge and a work ethic demanded by entrepreneurial parents, we're not just hired, we're unleashed.  We spin circles around our competitors. Check them out and follow the money to see where their loyalty's with the Landlord or Property Owner...not you.  And while they continue merging, and creating corporate red-tape to manage their ever-growing army of middletons, we are creating opportunities for our current and prospective clients to turn their real estate expense into a competitive advantage.

We are a firm with two experts focused on YOUR best interests...consider us your in-house real estate team.  With more than 50 years of commercial real estate experience, in a specialty that is exclusively Tenant-focused, Corporate Tenant Advisors is "Expert Only":

  • 2 Professional Broker-Owners
  • 50+ years of focused Tenant Representation experience
  • 1608 completed assignments
  • 14.1 million square feet of office and warehouse space negotiated for on behalf of our [tenant and buy-side] clients
  • 0 Assistants, 0 Researchers, 0 Interns, and 0 Junior-level staff.  We do it all, so we know it's getting done correctly!

We take time to get to know you, and your organization...then we consider the market and engage multiple landlords (including your current) to compete for your occupancy.  Our process creates massive amounts of leverage, that generates the best results for you.